Who am I?


I'm Rob Faltin, born in 1969 in Switzerland, and since 1989 I live in Amsterdam, where I work as a therapist since 2001 in the mental healthcare. At the clinic of anxiety disorders "GGZ inGeest" where I worked from 2006 till 2019, I set up a group therapy for panic disorders, for social anxiety, and phobias (claustrophobia and phobia of heights). I teach and supervise colleagues on the subject of cognitive and behavioral therapy.

End of 2012, I opened my private practice of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, "Doe-Psy" "Doe" means "do" in Dutch. My therapies are based on the principle of exposure to avoidance behaviors, aimed at modifying anticipatory anxious thoughts. In other words: do exactly the opposite of what your anxiety thoughts ask you to do. The client's spouse may be involved as an aid in the therapeutic work.

In 2017, my book Laat ze maar denken was published by Boom and in 2011, my book Plankenkoorts (about overcoming stage fright) was published by Hogrefe. Furthermore, I regularly perform as a musician.


The profession of psychotherapist is protected by the law of the Netherlands, by a register (BIG).

BIG register number: 69065258916

BIG register number: 49065258925

(Dutch association of independent psychologists and psychotherapists)
Landelijke Vereniging van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen & Psychotherapeuten (www.lvvp.nl)

Cognitive and behavioral therapist, supervisor VGCt®
(Association for cognitive behavioral therapy)
Vereniging voor Gedragstherapie in Cognitieve Therapie (www.vgct.nl)

EMDR Europe Practitioner® (www.emdr.nl)

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