Doe-Psy psychotherapy practice opened in 2013 in the center of Amsterdam and in july 2018 also in Leeuwarden. You are welcome for treatment of anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and hypochondria. For people aged 18 to 65. Treatment is consistent with the national multidisciplinary treatment guidelines (www.ggz-richtlijnen.nl).

In case a prescription of medication is necessary, it is possible to organise consultation by a psychiatrist (after referral by your general practitioner "huisarts").

If You or your general practitioner think that there could be a diagnosis of 'complex PTSD', or a personality disorder as a main diagnosis, or addiction, or a psychotic or bipolar disorder, or potential crises (danger for yourself or others) please discuss with your general practitioner upon seeking therapy in another setting, as I do not offer such treatments. In case of lots of actual external problems (like housing, finance, work, divorce, a disease), it can be better to postpone treatment.

My working days are monday afternoons and tuesdays in Amsterdam, monday mornings in Amsterdam outside the office for intensive exposure therapy, and thursdays and fridays in Leeuwarden.